Friday, May 20, 2016

The fashion of Yoga

More and more people are beginning to wear yoga clothing, jewelry, shoes even tattoos to express their thoughts and intentions. 
Yoga jewelry is jewelry that helps you to focus, meditate and think positively. It reminds you of your strengths and helps you to fulfill your intentions. Mala is one of the newest trend in yoga jewelry. Mala means necklace in Sanskrit. Yogis usually wear malas made with 108 beads +1 guru bead and a tassel for multiple reasons.
The designers are combining elements of Yoga and traditional malas like rudraksha beads, hindu symbols like Om, lotus, chakras, word charms, energies of healing gemstones and colorful tassels to make variety of jewelry that are aimed at providing positivity, confidence and empowerment to the wearer. It has become very fashionable to wear one's intentions loud and clear. 
Internet is loaded with a variety Yoga jewelry for you to shop. Just make sure they define your style and speak to you. Wear them to make a positive statement.
Ethnocity Jewelry styling tip: Layer the malas. Be confident. Make a statement.

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